Re: EUTMETCast DVB-S2 Unable to lock

Herman Vijlbrief

Hello Quentin,

Two years ago i changed mij 90 cm dish for a 125 cm dish.
It also seems to remain impossible to lock the signal on that new dish.
In my case I was pointing to the wrong satellite.
Careful alignment of the dish did the trick.
Worth to give it a try...

In Hoofddorp near Amsterdam I got a SNR level of about 11 - 12 dB with the 90 CM dish.
Enough to get the basic service...

Succes Quentin!

Groeten, Herman

Op 27-8-2020 om 15:55 schreef qle@...:


I'm trying to put together a EUMETCast DVB-S2 pipeline and I'm working with the Ayecka SR1 receiver device.
All the hardware is now installed and connected and I believe the antenna is well enough aligned to EUTELSAT 10A.
I followed carefully the Ayecka SR1 DVB Receiver EUMETCast Setup Guide to configure the SR1 device but it remains impossible to sustainably lock on the signal.

Could someone help with troubleshooting?

I'm new to this group and I don't know what relevant information to provide about my setup, so please ask for more details.

Thank you

From the Netherlands

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