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Though I promoted the use of RAM-Disks (where you have to move the files to HDD by script!) for a couple of years I now can well do without that.
This is GNU/Linux but since I have completely changed to 64Bit including SACSrv EKU driver I noticed that the client has lost most of its sensitivity
to I/O-Waits from HDD not fast enough to take tmp/received. I have now tested a RAID0 system with two cheap 2TB (CMR !!) disks from Toshiba.
This gives me I/O of 360MB/s for tmp/received even on my 11 years old HW with SATA II connections only. Up to now it works well with 8GB RAM.

Have a look at receiver Io here:

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Thanks for your comments, Ernst. I'm going to experiment with a RAMdisk-less system and see what the results are with disks that are not several years old, the most recent TelliCast client & eToken (my goodness, it's BRIGHT) and with a faster six-core processor. Not, high -end, but not the lowest specification either.

I have one system at the moment taking HVS-1 with no RAMdisk (where a subset of the data is used), and a different system taking HVS-2 again with no RAMdisk (but the data is deleted quickly).

My compromise may be just to run BAS and HVS-1, as I don't use the HVS-2 data.

The disks are a major contributing factor now (perhaps they always were?) so getting the right balance of I/O across spindles is the optimisation (where possible).

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