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Hello Ernst,

Thanks for the reminder regarding HDD CMR preference when adding/renewing hard drives.

And thanks for the link to your EUMETCast system information and logging page..

Impressive I thought, but as you will have already have discovered I'm a bit of a 'plug and play' guy and computers, software you have to configure, and understanding the 'inner workings' of a computer leave me cold.
Though I've been messing around with satellite TV C-band Ghorizont since the early 80's then ECS, Astra etc, etc.
And indeed Meteosat WEFAX and NOAA APT since the late 80's.
But then analogue TV and WXSAT was fairly 'easy' in those days? 

Today I feel lost - 'old dog, new tricks?'

Best wishes,


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> Briefly, I'm setting up a new system and going to try it without a RAMdisk 
> to start with.  It has 32 GB memory, so space for a RAMdisk if needed.

David and John

Though I promoted the use of RAM-Disks (where you have to move the files to HDD by script!) for a couple of years I now can well do without that.
This is GNU/Linux but since I have completely changed to 64Bit including SACSrv EKU driver I noticed that the client has lost most of its sensitivity
to I/O-Waits from HDD not fast enough to take tmp/received. I have now tested a RAID0 system with two cheap 2TB (CMR !!) disks from Toshiba.
This gives me I/O of 360MB/s for tmp/received even on my 11 years old HW with SATA II connections only. Up to now it works well with 8GB RAM.

Have a look at receiver Io here:

Best regards

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