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You've raised another point.
'eToken issues, time-outs.'

I'm presuming you mean that when the SNR drops way down and both link margins are negative as in a 'thunder storm,' Tellicast is stuck at red and does not start passing data again?

I don't get this - thankfully.
The day before yesterday a fairly dark cloud came over - not a towering 'thunder cell' and my SR1 SNR started to drop even before the rain which wasn't torrential when it came.
My SNR went down to 2.5 dB for a while and both BS and HVS-1 link margins went negative.
But as soon as the LM's were in positive territory again data started flowing and TC icons went 'white.'

I've said this before but I seem to be experiencing far more weather related signal loss than previous years with the same 1 m dish and Inverto Black Ultra LNB's.
My clear sky TP 1 SNR ranges from 12.6 to 13.00 dB.
And don't forget I have a rain shield over the LNB which is good for getting on for +1.00 dB SNR with no rain drops on the LNB face.

Or am I just thinking about the days of pre HVS-1, with BS only?
Mind you, dare I say, we had quite a 'bit more transmitted signal strength' in those days. 




Do try the beta GeoSatSignal - it's much faster to launch.

I think many of us have seen eToken issues, time-outs where TelliCast may or 
may not be automatically restarted.  Although not strictly comparable, I'll 
be interested to see whether I get fewer of those.  perhaps if it's a faster 
device there will be fewer time-outs.

Please let's know how you get on!

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Thanks for your detailed reply.

I'll try the beta version of GSS.
Opening a full length pass of Metop from AVHRR Manger into HRPT Manager runs
quickly - OK, it hasn't got to remap the differing channel resolutions.

You raise/prompt another point, the 'new' Tellicast and add to that, the new
EKU - which I understood(?) is more able to cope with lots (and even more in
the future) of data?

I may just try - you know me - to update to the latest Tellicast or leave it
till I get the new EKU.


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