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Thanks for your detailed reply.

I'll try the beta version of GSS.
Opening a full length pass of Metop from AVHRR Manger into HRPT Manager runs quickly - OK, it hasn't got to remap the differing channel resolutions.

You raise/prompt another point, the 'new' Tellicast and add to that, the new EKU - which I understood(?) is more able to cope with lots (and even more in the future) of data?

I may just try - you know me - to update to the latest Tellicast or leave it till I get the new EKU.




Briefly, I'm setting up a new system and going to try it without a RAMdisk 
to start with.  It has 32 GB memory, so space for a RAMdisk if needed.  I 
still haven't decided whether to add HVS-2 to is as I don't use the data and 
I have another PC which can monitor HVS-2 signal level and TelliCast losses.

The quality of the graphics card is irrelevant for my software.

The delay in Open with GeoSatSignal is caused by a Windows-10 interaction, 
and can be resolved with the beta version:

The Task Manager may not tell the whole story as it may be an interaction 
between disk I/O and Network I/O which causes the error messages, although I 
have seen "missing key" when there have been momentary drops in signal 

As I'm building this new PC from scratch (and retiring two old ones) I'll be 
using the most recent TelliCast, although whether that will make a 
significant difference (2.14.5 to 2.14.6) I rather doubt.  I have seen older 
PCs (2010/2013) affected quite noticeably by the patches needed to bypass 
the problems used by the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

I would suggest updating the TelliCast software, and noting the new 
buffering parameters.  Normally I would replace the TelliCast.exe and 
Licence.ini files.  Keep backups of the working versions just in case.



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You recently started a discussion on this group regarding which is the best
RAMDisk available currently.
This has prompted me to ask, having thought about it for some time now, as
to whether one should be using RAMdisk (again) these days with increased

I still have my original RAMDISK (Z:) of 997 MB 'in place' but unused.

What made me wonder is that I use a single computer for reception and
processing receiving BS and HVS-1.
I'm running AVHRR Manager, 2 x GOES ABI, 2 x Metop Manager, MSG Animator, 4
x MSG Data Manager, Java - SRI Controller.

I attach a copy of my Task Manager Performance screen shot but it looks to
me that my computer is not stressed?
However, when I click 'Open last saved with GeoSatSignal' MSG 4 Manager HR
image, it takes 33 - 34 seconds for the remapped imaged to appear in GSS.
I realise there are a lot of calculations to perform but I'm sure it didn't
take that long some years ago on this computer with fewer SatSignal
programmes running and the level of data we have today to deal with.

CPU Intel i5-4690K @ 35 GHz
Window 10 64 bit.
Separate fairly high powered graphics card..
2 monitors.

Everything seems to run OK so there is 'no problem.'
As is being discussed on another thread, I get some Tellicast Missed Packets
before FEC - though not that many over an extended period - but not many of
those are FEC Recovered Packets.
Though I never have (appear to have) gaps in my images.

And I do get some SR1 Bad Frame Count/s and Bad Packet Count/s over a
SR1 SNR is mostly between 12.5 and 13.00 dB in fair weather.

And I get Tellicast Status warnings 'could not join ..... missing key' every
now and again.

So, reinstate my RAMdisk?
If so, BS or HVS-1 channels?


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