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Hello Ernst,

I've been watching this unfolding discussion and thought I would have a go.

I use a 'Quad Hi Gain Low Noise' Inverto Black Ultra LNB but only use two outputs regularly - one for 24/7 EUMETCast TP 1 the other for receiving Eutelsat 9B TV - not running 24/7 but switched on and off most days.

The third port I use occasionally for checking signal/spectrum on a spectrum analyser.

The Eutelsat 9B cable itself is separate from the other two 'quad cables' which run together for a length of around 4.5 m through a narrow plastic tube along with another cable coming from another dish receiving Astra 1 which is not on 24/7 but switched on and off for a time most days.

Total cable run is around 14/15 m and is CT100.
The Eutelsat 9B coax is from a German websate firm but I'm not sure of it's 'technical spec/quality.'
It's 'silver' screening mesh is fairly open and the 'metal shield' is also 'silver.'
Not as high a technical spec/quality as CT100.

Right, mmmm, interesting.
You appear to be right.

My Tellicast Statistics and SR1 Telnet readout have been running 3 days and 2 hours 15 minutes after a reset and the figures from that time were:

HVS 1 M. P. B4. FEC.  47
           FEC. R. P.         0

BS      M. P. BS. FEC. 10
           FEC. R. P.        10 

Switch on another port (Eutelsat 9B)  HVS 1 now M.P. B4. FEC.  104  -  FEC. R. P.   0.
                                                            BS now      M. P. B4. FEC.  170  -  FEC. R. P.   41 

SR1 Telnet Readout after '3 days 2 hr 15 mins reset:' 

B. F. C. 43
B. P. C. 351.

After switch on of adjacent Eutelst 9B port: B. F. C. 61  -  B. P. C. 361.

I switched the adjacent port on again an hour later - the second of (new) figures above had remained the same and the new figures were now:

HVS 1 M. B. P. B4. FEC   155.
           FEC. R. P.              1

BS      M. B. P. B4. FEC.   233
           FEC. R. P.              41    

SR1 readout 'second set new' figures above had remained the same, the new figures are now:

B. F. C.  62
B. P. C.  389

Sorry about the above tabulation format, I hope it remains as typed and makes sense.

It does seem switching on another quad output 'effects' EUMETCast's SR1 readout and Tellicast Statistics.

Best wishes,


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Dear All

I have used a QUAD Inverto Black Ultra LNB for years. During this
summer I did again intensive testing with up to 4 TC receivers.
Only lately I discovered that the moment of starting a TC receiver
on one of the four cables can regularly produce missed packets
on the rest of the running TC receivers on the other three cables.

Has this been observed by other users that use a/this QUAD LNB?
Is this a problem of the multiswitch or some voltage regulator?
Can someone with electrical backgound comment on my 25m cables?
Is this a sign that it is about time to have this QUAD LNB replaced?

Best regards

It's well possible it has always been like that and I just didn't notice.

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