Re: RAMdisk?

Ernst Lobsiger


Under GNU/Linux BS + HVS-1 + HVS-2 works fine on a 3GB RAM-Disk when emtied every 2 minutes
with my script mvmsg (that does also keep track of broken tmps). The good news is that the pure amd64
client with the new EKU software is far less affected by IO-Waits. It works fine with tmp + received on a separate
even entry level WD Blue 1TB data HDD. All I can repeat: BEWARE of HDDs with SMR recording. This rather
new crap is unusable for EUMETCast. Stick to CMR recording (manufacturers do now begin to indicate that
in the latest HDD datasheets). Whether the Windows TelliCast client showed the same improvements recently
I cannot know. I experiment now with 2 Toshiba P300 2TB (CMR) disks in software RAID0. This gives me
4TB with 360MB/s access even on my 11 years old (SATA II, 8GB RAM) PCs for tmp + received. With an
UEFI Bios I could even use GPT and take 2 x Toshiba P 300 3TB (CMR) for an affordable fast 6TB device.

No idea whether something similar (software RAID) is possible under Windows 10.

Best regards

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