Re: SNR/Link Margin up again.


Hello Hartmut,

Thanks very much for your clarification.

Totally off topic, but thinking about ORF, I can still remember the interval time signal from Radio Wein before the news when on a school holiday to Austria in the late 50's or early 60's on a small Perdio transistor radio I had.

Der, der a der, der a der, dah, dah.

Can't find a recording anywhere but found this which will bring back lots of memories to all you, like me, child SW Listeners:

Many 'classics,' and remembered 'jingles' including Vatican Radio - which is still played, I believe.
And of course especially in those days from countries 'behind the Iron Curtain.'

Best wishes,


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The Eumetcast backup station is located in Vienna at the ORF-Center, 1120 Wien.
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  • A1 Teleport Aflenz is the only earth station in Austria
  • The satellite ground station was first opened in 1980
  • More than 50 antennas on an area of roughly 6,500 m2 send data at the speed of light to satellites located 36,000 km away
  • A photovoltaic park generates the electric power for the satellite station
  • Award-winning Teleport is an architectural masterpiece realized by Gustav Peichl

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