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I'm presuming that Google Maps are orientated to the north so the only large dish I can see at The Arsenal is in the car park on the eastern side of the site.
And, if the 'map' is orientated north, the dish is pointing SW - W?

I can't see any other 'large,' as would presumably be required for this uplink dishes, pointing in a 'southerly' direction.

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Regarding 'signal strength,' I found the article interesting reading about 'backing off' a transponder as part of fine tuning a transponder and not pushing it into the non linear curve.
And of course, when the bandwidth was increased I guess the apparent 'signal level decreased?' 

10:00 UTC and already 32.3 degrees down here. 



Yes, there's less separation between Aflenz and Wien then between Usingen 
and Fucino.  About 115 km.  Perhaps the unlink dish is somewhere near that 
large tower with the helipad ( 16.390384° 48.195655°), but I don't know. 
Perhaps you mean the dish to the west of that building?  I may be completely 

I wonder whether that document was created because we asked questions!  I 
recall one incident when it appeared that stations towards the west of the 
satellite footprint had lost signal strength which was discussed with 
EUMETSAT in detail.

Glad you're finding the comparisons useful!

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Thanks for the links.

Firstly, the two uplinks are not that far away from one another - Aflenz
being to the SW of Vienna, and a super cell storm such as can occur in
Europe could effect both locations at the same time.

I Google mapped Vienna Arsenal - which is in the centre of Vienna near the
Hauptbahnhof and there appears to be just one 'large' dish in the car park
of the Arsenal.

Secondly, thanks for the EUMETSAT link - very interesting information.
I wonder why I've never been directed to this document on my several several
complaints over the years regarding SNR variations.

The document states Link Margin is the most important parameter - I agree,
of course, my Link Margin level follows variations of my SNR level
0.1 dB drop in SNR = 0.1 dB drop in Link Margin, etc.

Yesterday's considerable 'upgrade' in SNR/LM seen by many, ran from ~ 12:45
to 17:45 UTC.



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