Re: SNR/Link Margin up again.



Thanks for the links.

Firstly, the two uplinks are not that far away from one another - Aflenz being to the SW of Vienna, and a super cell storm such as can occur in Europe could effect both locations at the same time.

I Google mapped Vienna Arsenal - which is in the centre of Vienna near the Hauptbahnhof and there appears to be just one 'large' dish in the car park of the Arsenal. 

Secondly, thanks for the EUMETSAT link - very interesting information.
I wonder why I've never been directed to this document on my several several complaints over the years regarding SNR variations.

The document states Link Margin is the most important parameter - I agree, of course, my Link Margin level follows variations of my SNR level precisely.
0.1 dB drop in SNR = 0.1 dB drop in Link Margin, etc.

Yesterday's considerable 'upgrade' in SNR/LM seen by many, ran from ~ 12:45 to 17:45 UTC.




The two stations are located in Vienna (backup) and Aflenz (prime).  This 
page took a little finding!

This page will also be of interest:



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It's happened again.

I didn't see this till 17:00 UTC when my SNR was peaking at 13.6 dB.
Looking at 'Austria at this time there were two large thunder storms but
only in the south of the country not at the usual uplink in the NE.

Looking at David's 'Europe logs' there was an extended period of 'increased
signal' this afternoon seen across Europe.

Anyone know where the location of the second/ary uplink station?

John T.


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