Re: Data keeps on filling up my disc despite the using the setting in MSG

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Hi Guys, this is the first time ive used this site. I have been using David's Taylor's software for about 10 years to help me write the forecast for my website its always worked well. In March of this year i pensioned off my old computer and transferred all my programs to a brand new custom built computer one. All the programs were transferred however the satellite programs appeared to work but the disc kept filling up to top. Despite clearing the data out and ticking what i thought were the right boxes in MSG data manager it now doesn't work.
What is working is the "Pink T" when you click on that all the channels are there in green so the data is coming in ok with no drop outs. The incoming signal on the dish is 90% so no problems with signal strength

I am a power engineer not a computer expert. I have tried to sort it out but I am beaten. I am happy to pay for a member to get on to my computer and sort out the satellite programs

I have google remote desk top and TeamViewer already on my computer. I do have dual screens. I have obviously done something / somethings wrong but i can't see the wood from the trees.
regards Alan Paul


What data isn't being removed? Is it the raw EUMETCast data or the processed data in \Images\... ?

You might like to try my ShowMan program which is a disk usage Pie Chart - it makes it easy to identify the offending directory!

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