Ferdinand Valk

Maybe someone has a suggestion for me. I upgraded one machine to the latest
2004 version of Windows-10 and all went smooth with one notable exception.
Tellicast for HVS-2 ( for Sentinel) does not start up properly. I'm using

The statistics page tells me that the Server Address is "not yet received "
The log file says (verbose)
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:47.542:Program started =============
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:47.542:Watchdog starting... [6612]
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:47.542:Watchdog started [6612].
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:47.988:Starting new child...
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:47.988:Started new child [10068].
VRB:2020-07-15 13:00:48.230:Child connecting to watchdog on port 58342 ...
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:48.230:Log level is "verbose".
VRB:2020-07-15 13:00:48.230:Created new dongle server [14452]
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:49.163:tc-cast-client starting... [10068]
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:49.163:tc-cast-client version is 2.14.5
(201811201841480) revision c848266497fd win32-i86pc release ( 6.2.9200 on a
16-processor (GenuineIntel, Pentium III (Model 85, Stepping 4)) system)
VRB:2020-07-15 13:00:49.163:Dongle support activated.
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:49.204:License check succeeded
VRB:2020-07-15 13:00:49.204:Starting HTTP server at port 8201 on any
interface ...
MSG:2020-07-15 13:00:49.243:tc-cast-client running [10068].
VRB:2020-07-15 13:00:49.243:No source addresses specified. Client will start
in any source mode

I have not made any changes to anything besides of the windows upgrade
(which went flawless on all other systems). I have replaced the hvs-2 ini
and channels ini with a copy of a working system, but no change. I' a bit at
a loss here. Suggestions very welcome.

Ferdinand Valk

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