SR1 again. Brief instances of negative Traffic being shown on Traffic dial.



I'm having a discussion with Ayeckca regarding brief periods of 'negative traffic Mbps' being shown 
on the SR1's Traffic dial.

I've been aware of this for some years but it was just a 'split second' event.
Since updating to HVS-1 and the new TC, last autumn, it appears that my periods of 'negative traffic' 
are becoming more frequent - and certainly for a longer period, up to 5 seconds before the dial and   
pointer is again in positive territory.

TC HTML shell graph shows no break in data during this period nor is there a gap in an image.

Ayecka would like to know if any other SR1 users have seen this anomaly which they believe is/could be 
caused by, the amount of data throughput in my BS and HVS-1 single system (and with 10 of David's 
processing programmes running including animation.

John Tellick.

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