Re: SR1 configuration.



Ah, of course, I remember now, something to do with bandwidth.

Thanks for your comments.




I think it's the sharpness of the filtering.  I suspect that (a) the 
receiver should be the same as or slightly greater than the transmitter (to 
ensure that all the transmitted bandwidth is received) and that (b) there 
will be very little difference in practice between 20% and 25%.

I recall asking EUMETSAT the same question many years back and getting a 
similar response.

Of course, if anyone has better information, do please inform us.



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Hello All,

I've been looking at my SR1's status via Telnet and see that the/my Roll
Off, # F is set to 25%.

Having been reading the EUMETSAT guide to setting up an SR1 for something
else, I see that
their Roll off is set to 20%

So, does this matter?
Does it make any difference?

BTW, I've no idea what Roll Off is.

John Tellick.

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