Re: no animation for view 5 Hurricanes

Thank you for your rapid advice, David !
There must be a blockage concerning the Hurricanes - this view stays empty - blank regardless of the satellite channel I pick !
Is there a way to simply remove or empty the present view 5 Hurricanes and then start with it anew ?
The fixed views 1-4 are of your making, arent they ??
Another possibility could be to remove msg animator completely from the registry ??
And then reload the Animator ?
Where exactly sits the Animator in my registry ??
Thanks in advance.

Betreff: Re: [MSG-1] no animation for view 5 Hurricanes
Datum: 2020-06-13T14:37:53+0200
Von: "David J Taylor GM8ARV ������� �� via" <>
An: "" <>

I use version 317311 of the MSG animator. -when opening it it shows View 1
West Europe, View 2 North Atlantic IR, View 3 UK HRV, View 4 The alps. All
these 4 views work well and carry out updating as set.
Then follows View 5 Hurricanes- which I want to run with Goes Abi Goes 16,
I fail to do so. When I choose Hurricanes all I receive is a blank image.
Definition of the area and updating are not possible either.
Could you kindly advise how I can arrive at receiving Goes 16 via my MSG
animator ?
Thank you very much in advance.


Just like any other animation, press Setup, choose the satellite and channel
you want (G16 B13 thermal perhaps), click Define area... to select the
region of interest.

The program expects to find the data in the usual
..\Images\FSD\year\month\day\ path.

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