Re: Windows 10 feature update and MRTG

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Same thing happened to me after the update: Interface number was changed and had to redo the security settings as David pointed out.

Its easy finding the new interface number: type "route print" in a command prompt and find interface number in the list.
Now change the interface number in the mrtg .cfg file, find the ip in the find and look for and change X with new interface number. Also replace X in X:public@ with new interface number. is my ip, you have to look for your own in the .cfg file.

Downside changing interface number is existing statistics for that interface is lost.


Why is there this hangup on Interface numbers? Use the IP address which /should/ be unchanging if you either use static IPs (may not be possible) or use address reservation in your router.

Secondly, there's no need to lose history. Simply edit the target names so match the old data:

Old file:
Target[Alta_DVB]: 15:public@Alta
MaxBytes[Alta_DVB]: 12500000

New file:
Target[Alta_DVB]: 17:public@Alta
MaxBytes[Alta_DVB]: 12500000

I just kept the name "Alta_DVB". These are plain text files edited with NotePad, or better, NotePad++.

32-bit and 64-it versions available.

The other hint on my Web site is to split the .CFG file down into chunks. For example:

in mrtg.cfg

LogDir: D:/Tools/MRTG/logs/
HtmlDir: D:/Tools/MRTG/www
ImageDir: D:/Tools/MRTG/www

RunAsDaemon: Yes
Interval: 5

# These are default values

XSize[_]: 500
Timezone[_]: GMT
TimeStrPos[_]: RU
TimeStrFmt[_]: %Y-%b-%d
SnmpOptions: timeout => 9


Then in the individual include ".INC" files, for example:

# PC Alta - total CPU load

MaxBytes[Alta-CPU-total]: 100
YLegend[Alta-CPU-total]: Total CPU %
ShortLegend[Alta-CPU-total]: %
LegendI[Alta-CPU-total]: Total CPU
Legend1[Alta-CPU-total]: Total CPU usage
Options[Alta-CPU-total]: integer, gauge, nopercent, growright, unknaszero, noo
Title[Alta-CPU-total]: Alta Total CPU
PageTop[Alta-CPU-total]: <H2>PC Alta - Total CPU load</H2>


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