Re: Windows 2004 Update

Ian Deans

On 10/06/2020 12:48, James Brown wrote:

On 10 Jun 2020, at 10:17, Ian Deans via <> wrote:

The Windows 10 update on my main computer has made a real mess of my Eumetcast hardware and software. This happened about 2 days ago and fortunately my 10 year old backup computer has not had the update and is still able to run the basic service without issue.

I have not had the time yet to figure out all the issues, but my TBS 5927 is presently unusable as windows 10 refuses to load the only driver available and BDADataEx and the TBS IPS tool have been seriously compromised. MY TBS 5925 and SR1 have yet to be checked and are presently allocated to my other computer.

Sorry to hear that Ian. I run an SR-1 and TBS 6903 in dual mode using Crazycat’s drivers and it hasn’t had any impact on reception (the 2004 update). The only issue was a change of interface number for the monitoring LAN port I use.
The TBS is an internal card.

Thanks to all who have replied.

Having at last been able to spend some time looking at this, I have discovered that TBS have recently released a general driver for Windows for the TBS 5927 version and I have managed to get that driver to work, so some good progress. The Windows 10 specific driver version will not load.

Later this afternoon I hope to reload the TBS IP tool and BDADataEx and see where that takes me. The TBS 5925 ( the best receiver I have ) and SR1 will be checked in due course.


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