Windows 10 feature update and MRTG

James Brown

It looks like the latest major update has caused an issue with one component of my MRTG monitoring - the PC I/O - or traffic after channel selection.

Done the usual checks, stop/start SNMP though I notice there has been installed a newer version - or at least the date has been changed. Changed the security settings as David suggested, uninstalled informer and reinstalled v. 1.7

I notice a new version of Killer Network app and wonder if it has changed the name of the interface I use.

Tried perl cfg maker using the suggested settings but this reports errors now preventing the creation of a basic MRTG file to help me track down the interfaces. Just wondering if there is another way of discovering interface names?

Everything else is fine so I may not even bother to pursue it it is too much hassle.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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