Re: Signal Drop

Herman Vijlbrief


To give some more documentation, my SNR over the day is comparable with the signal of the station in Huizen-NL
I have a slight smaller dish 125 cm so my SNR is on average over the day 0,2 dB lower than the station in Huizen.
I see that the Huizen signal level is also lower than that it was before.
So for me there is enough link margin left and I have very few packet losses and that is what counts.

Greetings Herman

Ian, Herman,

I see no evidence for such a drop over the last 2 days:

I find it difficult to accept reports with little documented backing.

However, what I have seen recently is a drop in link margin when the sun illuminates the LNB early in the morning (as it happens in my particular configuration).  I'm unsure what the cause is - perhaps the cover is becoming warm and that's heating some dust or bird deposit on the cover. I've looked from ground level with binoculars but there's nothing obvious. Perhaps the LNB (or at least its cover) is due for replacement. £10 for the part and £100 labour!

You can see this on yesterday's plot at ~06:30 UTC until ~09:45, and something on today's plot with a rise around 13:20.

Monitoring is relatively easy to set up with either Ayecka SR1 or TBS/BDADataEx receivers.


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