Re: TP 1 data rate.

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Thanks for the link.

I was aware that there was a 'new' update for Tellicast and a new EKU available but had forgotten about it.

Reading it again suggests that you can continue to use the 'old system.'
Which is probably why I did nothing and forgot about it.

However EUMETSAT no longer support the older version of Tellicast software.

So, without bothering Ops at this time, what is the advantage(?) of 2.14.5?
And the advantage(?) of the new EKU.

I thought all of us with old EKU's would be supplied with a new one - but this seems not to be the case?



I think that if you break your eToken it will be replaced with a new model (requiring a software update, of course).

I recall (vaguely) that newer versions of TelliCast may require the newer eToken. Other than that it was updates and fixes. At one stage TelliCast was updated for some of the new data, but you'd have to search back through the group archive for more info. There is a search function. Or use the Internet!

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