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Cornish Man


I keep getting " STATUS: ERROR" as well
Have been since setting it up and can't find what was causing it.
I do only have a 110cm dish and using the TBS6903 card


On Thursday, 16 April 2020, 09:41:06 BST, David J Taylor via <david-taylor@...> wrote:

Dear All

Today I installed the software on my laptop to check the reception.
I still need to adjust the LNB cross pol but I think the values are not too

The TelliCast software seems ok, except the STATUS: ERROR.  Any idea? (log

I checked the log (attached) but I don't understand exactly what is
I appreciate your help.
Thank you.
Stay Safe!!!


I can suggest what might cause two of the errors:

ERR:2020-04-15 19:23:02.279:Could not open HTTP server at port 8100 on any
interface: Address already in use (libroot.htt_server.8100).

"already in use" means that another instance of TelliCast is using that
address (port 8100 on the local PC), so perhaps you started a second run of
TelliCast even while the first was still running.  Solution: Task Manager to
kill "tc-cast-client.exe".

ERR:2020-04-15 19:25:45.491:Could not join channel "EUMETSAT Data Channel
2": Missing key 15823.

That may mean that you don't have the hardware eToken installed and working,
although I would have expected more or different messages in that case.

I also see this error when the signal is weak - look at the statistics to
see the number of missed and number of recovered packets.  I suggest
starting with only the Basic Service configured in the SR1 as the 9.8 dB
Es/No is a too low for the HVS-1.

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