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Frank Kosta

Good morning David

Thank you very much for the information.
Although linux is not a completely stranger, I feel more comfortable with Windows, so I will follow your advice.
I will prepare the desktop later today and see how it goes.
Stay Safe


David J Taylor via <> escreveu no dia terça, 14/04/2020 à(s) 09:16:

Dear All

Last year I purchased Ayecka SR-1 on ebay and, per your advice, I requested
the EUMETcast license. Unfortunately, due other priorities, that project was
put on an hold but now, thanks to the lockdown, it looks like finally I will
have time to put everything together.
This afternoon I pointed the antenna dish using a tv sat receiver and I am
sure I am pointing on the right orbital position. The next step is to
install the software, etc.
I looked at the system requirments and they seem pretty old (2.8 GHz Pentium
IV type or better CPU). So, realistically, what would be the recommended
hardware? I have an Quad core desktop computer. Will it work ok? 8Gb is
Regarding the OS, should I go for Windows or ubuntu?
I appreciate your advice.
Thank you in advance.
Stay Safe!!!

FCosta (CT1EAT/M0HOJ are my amateur radio callsigns)


Welcome (back) to the group!

Requirements have changed a little from the start of the EUMETCast service,
and an older PC may have issues because of fixes to the Intel/AMD chip
security issues.  I find that TelliCast can now take more CPU and this is
because of the amount of I/O, and the fixes which are included with Windows
to account for the chip security problems.  Having said that, this PC which
is over 9 years old is quad core with 8 GB RAM and works very well as a
self-contained receive and process system taking most of the Basic Services
(except the large IASI and sounder data from Metop).  So that's the three
MSG geostationary satellites, two Metop full world 1 km resolution data, and
the near-real-time European coverage "EARS" data - 1 km resolution NOAA-19,
and three Metop satellites!

OS tends to be a choice of the heart rather than the head!  Linux
configuration is more complicated than Windows particularly on the
networking side, so if you're unfamiliar with Linux Windows would probably
be a better choice.  Windows is more popular and has more choice of programs
available.  Personally I use, prefer, and recommend Windows, but there are
folk here who can help you with Linux.  I would stick with whatever flavour
of Linux EUMETSAT recommend.

[I do use Linux on other systems, but mostly headless servers on Raspberry
Pi cards.  It works well for APT and LRPT reception.]

David GM8ARV
SatSignal Software - Quality software for you
Email: david-taylor@...
Twitter: @gm8arv

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