Newbie questions

Frank Kosta

Dear All

Last year I purchased Ayecka SR-1 on ebay and, per your advice, I requested the EUMETcast license. Unfortunately, due other priorities, that project was put on an hold but now, thanks to the lockdown, it looks like finally I will have time to put everything together.
This afternoon I pointed the antenna dish using a tv sat receiver and I am sure I am pointing on the right orbital position. The next step is to install the software, etc.
I looked at the system requirments and they seem pretty old (2.8 GHz Pentium IV type or better CPU). So, realistically, what would be the recommended hardware? I have an Quad core desktop computer. Will it work ok? 8Gb is enough?
Regarding the OS, should I go for Windows or ubuntu?
I appreciate your advice.
Thank you in advance.
Stay Safe!!!

FCosta (CT1EAT/M0HOJ are my amateur radio callsigns)

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