Re: Ayecka SR1 in 2020

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Hi All,

I am Michele from Italy. During the last few weeks of lockdown I decided to assembly a ground station for EUMETCAST.
Now the questions, is the Ayecka SR1 a good choice in the 2020? Where is possible to buy it new or used?

Thanks guys


Welcome to the group!

Yes, the Ayecka still works very well, but there are more choices. Briefly:

Ayecka SR1: Works well, network connection, easy to manage and monitor, the group here may be the best place to ask for second hand. Would need two if you want to take both transponders (i.e. get Sentinel data).

TBS5925/5927: Work well, USB connection, current model (27). Need two for both transponders. Lower cost. I found a TBS5925 for about €150.

TBS6903 (maybe newer model too?): Works well, PCIe slot required. Can take both transponders at once even on single LNB.

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