Re: Realtime co-lin outage map for your location.



Thanks again.

Ah, I hadn't thought about the sun not being a point source - actually it is rather large compared 
to the 'pin point' satellite it passes - and takes time from limb to limb to pass the satellite 
from our point of view.
I'm sure someone on the group will be able to say how long it takes for the sun, limb to limb, to 
pass the satellite.

And as you say, dish surface accuracy is another factor.

And I still (possibly) have the 'fir tree effect?'
Though the shadow of the western edge and bulk of fir tree - which is higher than the elevation of 
10A - is just, completely clear of my dish, 2 degrees before solar crossing of the dish. 

Today was my closest separation day - the sun was directly behind 10A, it appears, in a 
line running through the English Channel, according to the satellite-calculation map.
Yesterday it was through southern Scotland.

Oh, BTW, after my outage today my SNR went up 0.3 dB - from the usual and earlier level from 
around 11:38 to around 12:00.
This was also 'seen' by several stations on your EUMETCast reporting page graphs:
Huizen, Lodz, Naila, Wienerwald.





Physically it seems that the dish will give a narrower beam in azimuth than 
elevation, but I haven't checked that.

The predictions are given as angular separation, for a nominal -3 dB down 
from the dish pointing axis.  No consideration of actual signal level.  You 
will find some degradation before and after those times as the dish etc. 
isn't perfect, and the sun isn't a point source.

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