Re: Gibertini OP150S Satellite Dish


John, I presently use a 1.2m dish for Eumetcast which in its current location works fine.However I had hopes of improving the signal level with the larger dish but its size limits me as to where it can be mounted and I cannot just remove the 1.2 and replace it with the 1.5. When you plan something you think you have all angles covered but it is only in the execution that what you have overlooked is revealed.
Regards, Peter

Feb 29, 2020, 14:57 by geojohnt@...:


Just a thought.
Does this mean that you have been unable to receive EUMETCast from Eutelsat 10A?
Or, that you are giving up the hobby?

10A from your location should be about 28 - 29 degrees elevation - are the hills higher than that, or how close?

A 1.5 m dish requires (very) accurate alignment and up a pole isn't easy.


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