EumetCast Software Problem


Hello everyone

Before you read the message, sorry for my horrible English.
I hope you can help me with the following problem:

I have my PC that receive the MSG image. The PC mount two SSD: one for OS and Tellicast/EUMETCAST software, one for the archive image "converted" with the Taylor's Software.
Last week, the second SSD is dead. Fortunately I had a backup HDD but in this days the EUMETCAST software gave me some big problems:

Automatically, without my command, the software open a lot of tc-cast client and in some case the computer crash! However, if I move the mouse on the icon, SURPRISE! Remains one icon but in limited time the problem it shows up again, and again...

A lot of segment lose with this problem.

I want to specify that the program was reinstalled after the SSD broke... Can anybody help me to solve this problem? Thanks.


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