Re: Realtime co-lin outage map for your location.



Yes of course, and I have always used this WXtrack function.

But, even with a 1 m dish I find that the co-lin begins before the 'begin' in the list noted and lasts 
longer than the end prediction.
Especially if I recall correctly, around the max Closest.

I subtract 4 then 4 minutes from the predicted Peak - and likewise add 4 minutes plus 4 minutes to 
the Peak - giving me 4 degree beamwidth.
My drop in CN being longer (starting earlier and ending later) than the prediction.

I had a tweak of my dish yesterday after co-lin just to check the dish was - as far as possible - 'aligned.'
It appeared so.

It seems at times that tweaking can be counter productive?  



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Nice one, John!

For those with registered WXtrack, you can get the results in a tabular

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