Re: dish and signal level on a TBS 6903 for 10e and iptool

David J Taylor

hi all just lined my 90cm dish up with my sat meter to 10 e and got the optimum signal(meter shows video of one of the channels on 10e so i know its the right sat),when i connect it to my pci card it is showing full signal but no quality,when i unplug the aerial it shows roughly half signal disconnected ive got a 20 m run of cable.Two questions is the dish big enough here in yorkshire and is it normal to show half strength when the aerial is unplugged ,any advice appreciated,cheers


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90 cm should be enough for the Basic Service, but I'm unsure about the HVS-1 and HVS-2. Here's a guide to what some others are using:

I've seen signal strength readings with no connection before, so I wouldn't worry about that.

The signal from the wide-beam EUEMTCast transponders is much weaker than that from narrow-beam "Satellite TV" such as Astra, so it's important to maximise it by very careful adjustment of azimuth, elevation, skew (rotate the LNB) and focus (move the LNB nearer to or further from the dish, often very limited).

Ask again here if you need further help.

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