Re: msg data manager defect ??

Ian Deans

On 15/02/2020 12:12, Roland Fechter wrote:
I run version with Multicast client.
Basic & HSV-1 come in but are not opened by the MSG D.M.
Normal correct function until this morning, i.e. yesterday everything was still o.k.
There must be something "wrong" with either Multicast - perhaps some changes to it ? and/or
the MSG D.M. - update ?
Please could you look into this and advise remedy ?
Thanks in advance,

Roland all is working fine with me, both Data Manager and the Tellicast client.
As there has been no changes to either of these programs since yesterday when you say they were working fine, then the problem must be with your computer and or its settings. That is where you need to look.


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