Re: experiences and lessons learned with a fresh Eumetcast install for WIndows and Linux

Markus Kempf

Hi Ernst, Christian,
had the chance late last evening to reboot and change the BIOS settings (disabled Intel Speedstep, disabled all C-States, btw. the NAS is a standard PC based on an ASROCK J4105 MB, with 8GB RAM, in a special NAS case with 1 SSD and 4 harddisks). Unfortunately same results (1-3% packet loss, missing files, missing keys, etc.)
A bit frustrated I plugged the TBS5925 and EKU back into my desktop PC (running WIN10 v1909) to check the HW again.
After 1000000 received packets I had 13 missed packets, 13 recovered packets and no error/warning messages and no missing files, keys). This works beautifully.
I rebooted my desktop PC (I have a dual boot config) into Ubuntu 19.09 and followed my own and Ernst's advice installing the DVB, EKU and Tellicast sw. This time, the change of the udev rule file was not necessary, the EKU was recognized with lsusb immediately. I used the dvb-eumetsat-setup script and configured everything.
To my agony, the exact same behavior can be observed (1-3% packet loss, missing files, missing keys, etc.)
The problem is not related to the HW used but a Linux SW problem.
What I have tried already:
- changed CPU governor to powersave, ondemand, performance -> no change observed
- raised the priority (renice) of szap-s2 and tc-client -> no change observed
- disabled most other services (NFS, SMB, etc.) -> no change observed
- unplugged all other USB devices -> no change observed
- changed data/tmp directories from SSD to a harddisk -> no change observed

- tried the echo 1 > /sys/module/dvb_core/parameters/dvb_demux_tscheck option
I get many errors in bursts every few seconds!!!
openmediavault kernel: [51564.517475] dvb_demux: dvb_dmx_swfilter_packet: TS packet counter mismatch. PID=0x1f4 expected 0x2 got 0xc
Maybe I will try the v2016 version of the DVB TBS drivers this evening.


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