Re: experiences and lessons learned with a fresh Eumetcast install for WIndows and Linux

Markus Kempf

Hi Ernst,

has your EKU ProdID 514 like mine? I had to change the udev rule.
I have changed the /etc/init.d/dvb-eutmetcast script on my system yesterday evening, mainly because I noticed that the status did not work right.
1) changed smcroute -d to smcrouted
2) added a smcroute -k before the new start because for unknown reasons the smcroute -k in the stop procedure does not always work reliably
3) changed the grep MTU to grep mtu because the output of ifconfig is now lowercase
4) changed the multicast route inquiry to smcroutectl route
5) changed the mtu size of the dummy interface to 4096 = mtu size of the dvb0 interfaces

I still have lots of missed packets. Will try your C-states tip.
If I can find some time, I will write a real systemd dvb-eumetcast service description.


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