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Subject: [MSG-1] MSG Animator - no receive.

I will using MSG Animator and I have installed MSG Data Manager and MSG Animator in the same folder.
the licence is valid.
I beginning with EumetCastBas, after "Start MSG Data Manager". When I enter Msg Animator, then I can see
the notice "Reminder and the request - name and licence code.
After entering the valid code .
There is no reaction after the code has been entered and no receive of pictures.
Please, can you help.
Thank you in advance,


Screen Shot 02-11-20 at 10.39 PM.PNG
Screen Shot 02-02-20 at 03.32 PM.PNG
Screen Shot 02-02-20 at 03.41 PM.PNG
Screen Shot 02-02-20 at 03.50 PM.PNG
Screen Shot 02-11-20 at 10.07 PM.PNG
Screen Shot 02-11-20 at 10.09 PM.PNG


Thanks for the screenshots. Sorry to hear of your problem. This topic is more suited to the SatSignal group:

- From the MSG Data Manager screenshot it seems you have not yet installed the licence. Is the licence not staying set? Remember that when you do that you need to run the program with right-click, Run as Administrator.

- For an IR animation you need channel 09, 10.8 um.

- In the MSG Animator, right-click the icon which is in the Notification Area (what I call the system tray). Options, Set image data path, and ensure that it is at the top of the image tree, such as:

C:\MSG-1\Images (in your system, guessing from the screenshots).
D:\MSG\Images (in my system)

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