Re: experiences and lessons learned with a fresh Eumetcast install for WIndows and Linux

Ernst Lobsiger


That's a long story. TBS is basically a HW manufacturer. The USB box TBS-5925
has the same first generation ST demodulator chip as the TBS-6925 and the SR1.
No way to receive 2 ACM/VCM transponders at the same time as with a TBS-6903.

Years back TBS worked with a driver programmer Konstantin Dimitrov and mostly
produced closed source blobs you had to link in. The driver of the TBS-6925 was an
Open Source exception basically programmed by Manu. Together with Konstantin I was
finally able to get it working for DVBS-2 EUMETCast on a TBS-6925. It seems they
later sacked Konstantin and wanted to go fully Open Source. There was a time TBS
still distributed Konstantins drivers without having the source (!). Some of the
EUMETSAT recommended drivers might still date back to those days and finally
stopped working with newer Linux kernels. The Open Source TBS-6903/08 driver
was loosing interrupts and also had the PCIe-Bridge buffer delay problem with
HVS-2. I was able to fix that with the help of CrazyCat. Ever since CrazyCat
seems to have maintained the Open Source tree of TBS device drivers. So my
recommandation is just to try the latest from the Open Source TBS repo.
But the TBS-5925 driver code has probably not been touched for years now.
If you have a driver problem with latest Linux kernels CrazyCat might fix that.

Here I added a MODCOD filter to this TBS-5925/6925 driver that worked well.
This is useful to stop HVS-1/BAS interaction in rainy weather conditions.
I tried the same with the TBS-6903/08 but have never got it working :-( ...


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