Re: experiences and lessons learned with a fresh Eumetcast install for WIndows and Linux

Markus Kempf

thanks for the feedback. I believe the core of the problems is the proprietary and closed source Tellicast client and the authentication requirements. That matches well with another monolithic and proprietary system like Windows but not with the fragmented Linux (Unix) world. But nethertheless the Linux install would be unproblematic with a concise and correct documentation or simply the correction of simple errors. Deb and rpm versions cover 90% of the market already.
1) make the TBS drivers consistent with the mainstream linux kernel or create a DKMS procedure to automatically recompile with every new kernel version
2) update the Safenet Authentication client to v10, maybe the erorr in the DEB file was corrected or build a new DEB for v9 or at least document the possible problems in the README or the general documentation
3) create a quick start guide linking the spread out info

In the long run I would hope for Eumetsat making up their mind and adopting an open access policy comparable to the Copernicus/Sentinel program with p2p access to the data (not Eumetcast Terrestrial with Tellicast/EKU and limited to research networks) .
In 2005 I had a 2Mbs connection to the Internet, now I have 1Gbs. The need for the satellite transmission is diminishing at least in the civilized parts of Europe and the british islands.


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