Re: experiences and lessons learned with a fresh Eumetcast install for WIndows and Linux

Ernst Lobsiger


The real problem of GNU/Linux is twofold:

- Linuxers want their "own" distro and their "very special" EUMETCast system
- There is no central EUMETCast knowledge base like Davids site for Windows

The hint for the link you made above is found in my README.amd64.gz in message #28250.

My receivers work rock solid on 11 years old hardware with Intel Duo processors taking
BAS + HVS-1 + HVS-2 with a single cable and doing quite a bit of image processing too.

Missed packets are often related to excessive wait states by slow HDDs. I have written
almost "scientfic papers" about that issue. I'm not sure a NAS is the way to go here.

Systemd poses another problem as the EUMETSAT scripts date from quite a while back
and even if I'm no "greybeard" I do not welcome systemd on my EUMETCast receivers.


P.S. Your next GNU/Linux receiver setup will be much faster :-) ...

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