Re: Signal Level

Herman Vijlbrief

David, Ian

I can confirm that after a short period of with an increase of the signal level 0,5 dB up the level decreased later that evening to a level below 14 dB.
At this moment the signal level is 14,1 dB which is 0,2/0,3 dB lower that the average level i saw the last months with clear sky in the morning.

Greetings Herman

Thanks, Ian.  I've not heard anything from EUMETSAT, except their standard response that the services are provided by a third party.

If you see my data as being out of date please try a Ctrl_F5 (or what even incantation is required for your browser this week!). I do see similar effects on a number of other stations, and refresh sorts it.  I'm not quite sure why it is, but something isn't telling the Web server / browser client that the image needs to be downloaded again as it's been updated.  Perhap someone more expert in HTML can suggest something?


Thanks for your reply David. I have done many refresh attempts to no avail.

I have just very recently updated to the new Microsoft Edge browser which is now available for download and it appears that browser is what is causing the problem but only on your lost/missed and recovered graphs, with all other graphs being fine. Internet Explorer shows all graphs up to date so I will you that browser when required.


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