Re: Signal level up 0,5 dB

Stefano Mina

Yes Herman, even here in central Italy the SNR has increased. I hope it is not the usual momentary change of uplink and that this is maintained!


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Inviato: martedì 4 febbraio 2020 20:21
Oggetto: [MSG-1] Signal level up 0,5 dB


Hi to all,

Tonight I noticed that my signal level is about 0,5 dB up comparing to the normal level of the last month's.
The Es/No level is now a stable 15 dB received with an Ayecka / 125 cm dish/35m cable at my location 16 KM south west of Amsterdam.

I hope that this is seen on more locations an has is on this level in the future.

Greetings Herman Vijlbrief

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