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From: James Brown

I am just wondering if I am alone in wishing that when an announcement update from Eumetsat is given it could be tailored to the specific item to which it refers? The last one I saw included 32 announcements which had to be worked through - or am I being picky or not understanding the delivery method properly?

JB out and about

I do wish the main announcements were more like the SAF method! One message, one announcement, but they have less to cover, of course. I was told that the composite message lists announcements in order of applicability, perhaps that explains things. EUMETSAT do much better on Twitter, where each announcement is targeted at something happening soon with a meaningful topic, but even there reference is often just to the UNS with a number, but not to a link taking you directly to the numbered announcement, with it expanded to show the detail.

The full announcements (Thursday) will have to be a composite, but the updates would be better with a topic reference and the single item, not 32!

Maybe the professionals have message filters set up to match their interest, Something we could discuss on July 02?

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