Re: Receiving Noaa 20 data

Ian Deans

On 21/01/2020 14:40, diogenes1@... wrote:
Thank you Ian for your reply. If it is as you say then on HVS-1 what are the data onĀ  E1H-TPL-1 labeled Noaa-20?
Regards, Peter.
Peter as far as I remember the data coming through E1H-TPL-1 is likely to be sounder data. I have not taken that channel for some time now and for the last few days I am not taking any data on HVS-1 as I am presently using my 10 year old backup computer.

NOAA 20 VIIRS image data is on basic service and NPP VIIRS image data is on HVS-1.

PS I have mail issues at the moment with missing mails making continuity difficult.


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