Re: TP 1 'Power.'



Thanks for your comments.

This is my first winter with the new LNB - Inverto Black Ultra quad.
With the previous Inverto Black Ultra single used for many (many) years, the Power used to go up slightly 
during frosty periods if I recall correctly
And down slightly when the LNB baked in hot summer sun with high ambient temperatures.

Neither small steps cause any problems.



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> David,
> Thanks for your comments.
> I see what you mean.
> Well, my usual Power level is -25 dBm.
> Today it's been -24 dBm all day.
> So, that is an increase in Power level of 1 dBm?
> Regards,
> John.


Hello John,

The thing that most affects the power level reading can be cable length.
Decrease it and it will improve, increase the length and it will go up.
Maybe the long awaited drier weather (first this year) is drying
something out and lowering the reading. It is a minor alteration and I
see an occasional change in the evening if it is cold and dry.
My reading is -14dBm and during a cold dry evening often goes to -13dBm.
I have a relatively short cable. Can't remember exact length but
certainly less than 10 meters which explains my lower reading.


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