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Thanks for your comments.

I see what you mean.

Well, my usual Power level is -25 dBm.
Today it's been -24 dBm all day.

So, that is an increase in Power level of 1 dBm? 



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I'm seeing + 1 dBm on my SR 1 Power reading this morning but no change in
Es/No level, which remains
at the usual morning clear sky level reading.

Mind you, I don't know what the 'Power' reading actually shows.

John Tellick.


I asked this once, and the response was that this value was the level into
the demodulator chip (with the Ayecka SR1).  The scale on the Java program
show -20 dBm as the maximum possible, so +1dBm sounds to be way out.  What
was the level before?  Perhaps a typo?

As you know, the Es/No is determined almost exclusively by the LNB unless
there is an excess of cable, so in principle adding a line amplifier would
increase the level but not affect the SNR to any noticeable extent.

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