Re: GOES netCDF Manager V2019.4.2.45 stopped processing

Herman Vijlbrief

Thanks David!
The new version of GOES netCDF Manager does the trick.

Greetings and a happy and healthy new year!



I sometimes see this - when new data is sent which I don't need or want.  I am normally sent everything!  I use my free TrimTree program to remove data older than a certain age, for example, create a script (data-trim.cmd) containing:

TrimTree  1    E:\EUMETCast\received *
TrimTree  5m   E:\EUMETCast\received\EPS-10    W_XX*METOPA*

and schedule this script to run every 30 minutes.  The first line removes everything more than a day old, and the second removes specified files from a specified directory which is more than 5 minutes old.  The first line is more of a catch-all, the second line fort specific unwanted data.


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