Re: GOES netCDF Manager V2019.4.2.45 stopped processing

Herman Vijlbrief

The GOES 15 data is still decimated.
My E1H-TPG-4 folder is filled with unprocessed goes 15 files since 2020 01 01 - 0000 UTC.
So goes 15 service seems continuated as a back-up for Goes 17.



Op 2-1-2020 om 9:10 schreef Ferdinand Valk:

The Goes 15 service was there as a back-up for the Goes-17 sat. It has been removed starting January 1.

Goes 17 is now the only satellite providing the Pacific service.




From: On Behalf Of Frank Skillington via Groups.Io
Sent: Thursday, 02 January, 2020 07:45
Subject: [MSG-1] GOES netCDF Manager V2019.4.2.45 stopped processing


Processing ok up to closing down 22.23 on 31.12.19 but when restarted 06.19 on 1.1.20 and today no processing taking place. Is there a reason for this?


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