Re: TP 1.

Douglas Deans

On 22/12/2019 10:14, LaurentD wrote:
Hi to the group!
I still suffer from a big drop of my SNR from 13.5dB normally to 8.5dB currently for the BS with
several segments losses for each 15 min cycle.
And I'm not able to receive the HVS TP1 for this reason.
Am I still the only one in this case? Is it related to the snow in Austria (uplink station)?
Location: Paris
DVB-S2 receiver: NOVRA S300E
Best regards,

Hello Laurent,

I live in central Scotland where the signal is quite marginal and at the moment TP1 is 12.2 dB which is normal for here.
I would suggest that you have a problem somewhere on your system, perhaps a failing LNB, faulty cable etc.

I hope you find the problem Laurent.

Best regards,

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