Re: EUMETCastView ver.1.4.7 3D globe crash

Douglas Deans

On 18/12/2019 18:57, Cornish Man via Groups.Io wrote:
I have problems with EUMETCastView when trying to decode NOAA 20 images and some others.
I get blue lines through all the images

Hello Jan,
Hugo has explained this before.
The VIIRS instrument has a wide swath of data which means these multi-detector sensors are subject to several artifacts including bow-tie distortions and striping, and require special pre-processing steps.
If you open the images in other programs such as BEAM or SNAP you will see exactly the same lines.

However if you process the images properly with EUMETCastView using 'projections' the program automatically fills the missing data and produces the full images.
I have quickly processed a single segment for speed using EUMETCastView and have it attached to show the result. Of course you can do multiple segments, adjacent ones etc.

Hope that helps.


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