Re: Safenet 9.0 XP


OK guys thanks for the reply, sorry to be an xp  fan but it works on all my old programs & sbs etc i have the latest mint 19.2 which is great for email etc but not for programs when your not use to dos or a terminal.
I thought i found a site that said safenet 9 would work but you are right i have just googled it & it says no, but safenet 8.2 works on xp & 7,8 etc. I have just tried it on my xp the installer & program looks exactly the same it installed first time & ran SACSrv which was the problem on v9.0 so SACSrv will work on xp when i started the Tellicast it can see my key in the new black eku host_key_4 ****-****-****-****  the yellow icon goes from yellow to white &  data was received . In the log file it even states License check succeeded but it stops after a few mins as its been waiting for the server address this then takes the key out. It does this on all services BAS, HV-1 TER , etc. So i can only assume this is Eumetsat's choice the eku will work with other versions - v8.2 but they have programmed the eku not to do so. What a shame. If OPS had told me this 3 weeks ago or there was a warning on the new software we don't want xp users it would have saved a lot of time.
   I have been trying to put Tellicast on mint which i find out is based on ubuntu, but after hours in the terminal it said it was installed with bits missing & i assume there no head end ? i can not see anything.
 If anybody gets it working on xp let me know, some one on this planet will know as i think there's no technical reason why it shouldn't.
                                         Cheers Rick.

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