Re: Sentinel 3B with Eumetcastview

Douglas Deans

On 23/11/2019 19:27, Thomas Scheelen wrote:
i tried eumetcastview for Sentinel 3 imaging and for S3A or works well but for S3B it doesn't. No segment are shown, not matter what i try. I use Segnents from Hvs2 stream.
Regarding the information on github, the recent versions should support those data.
By the way, is there another program which can create Sentinel imagesĀ from segments?
The toolboxes from eumetsat are already known.

Thomas I have no idea why you are not seeing Sentinel 3B data.
I assume you are using the latest version of EUMETCastView 1.4.7
I assumme you have correctly listed the segment directory (I have different directories for 3A and 3B but perhaps you don't).

Prior to Hugo kindly releasing EUMETCastView I had tried a number of programs including Panoply,SNAP etc etc all of which I found extremely user unfriendly compared to Hugo's program which does absolutely everything you want.

Hope you can resolve the issue.


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