Re: Sentinel 3B with Eumetcastview

Heiko Schellhorn

Hi Thomas

i tried eumetcastview for Sentinel 3 imaging and for S3A or works well but for S3B it doesn't. No segment are shown, not matter what i try. I use Segnents from Hvs2 stream.
Sorry I never used EumetCastView. We don't visualize the data as they are and don't use Windows ;-)
We're primarily interrested in dedicated wavelengths and bands to analyze and
research aerosols, fluorescence or clouds. (to name only examples)
For this we use self-developed algorithms.

Regarding the information on github, the recent versions should support those data.
Exactly. Versions >=1.4.4 should support at least OLCI on S3B.

By the way, is there another program which can create Sentinel imagesĀ from segments?
The toolboxes from eumetsat are already known.
As the Sentinel-data (OLCI / SLSTR / SRAL) are native netcdf data one could use
ncview to display it. What is concededly quite basic but also available for Windows.

If you like it more convenient you may try Panoply of NASA which is available for Windows, MAC and Linux as well.

Best regards


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