Re: Safenet 9.0 XP


Safenet, i have now tried adding SP3 for XP on to the SP2 & net framework 3.5 as i didn't need them before but this made no difference the same problem error 1920 it will not start service SACSrv on installation so it stops then rolls back every time.
I also tried win 2k SP4 & net framework with installer 3.1, it actually installed the new Tellicast Client with icons on the desk top but would not run it when opening it says its not a win 32 application. I looked in the program with note pad & its told to run on xp / 2003 /7 /8 /10. The Safenet 9 would not install atall. All the newer systems are full of access permissions i have got a windows 98 program working on win 10 , it wont install obliviously & i lost the disc in the early 2000's so tried moving the program directly into programs in xp & it worked so also tried it in a friends 7,8 & 10 they all ran it.
I have all ready stated the Tellicast Client runs fine on XP SP2.
OPS have not come back to me i have asked for help but iam stuck now can anybody advise please.
 Many thanks Rick.

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